About Us

  • DECORS BLOOM floral studio established in 2011
  • from the classic offer of floral services we created a professional, floral floral atelier, based on artistic feeling and original creation
  • we opened a shop for you to see part of our work, buy flowers or original gifts and order a wide range of decorative services and materials
  • our goal is to have quality and beautiful ties, original decorations and make happy all the people who like floral design
  • we regularly participate in various training courses and start to compete in this beautiful floral field.
  • Our studio is very creative and we offer you a complete floral design classic, extravagant to your liking, or you can leave everything to us and look forward to the result of the decorated decorations.
  • Take a look at our gallery and menu from where you can find information from our work.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be glad to help you, we are here for you.